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Florida is like no other State. Its’ unique spirit brings people from different places and all walks of life together. Fragrant  flora, exotic fauna, endless lakes, abundant palm trees, the smell of orange blossom, wide open skies, glorious weather, and sun drenched days create an irresistible appeal and a vibrant, open, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Where we live, work, and play should reflect the unique style of Florida.

Colorful, Casual, Tropical.

Whether it is creating a new residential development, a commercial development or renovating an existing building at PalmCrest it is our belief that every project, big or small, should be tailored to the Florida lifestyle. Design should flow from the environment in which we live and should be unique to Florida, from the color palate to the actual layout and design. The sandy color of the beaches, the aqua of the Gulf of Mexico, the vibrant pink of the bougainvillea, the hot hues of the sunset, create a color palate that is in harmony with this spectacular State. Spaces that take advantage of natural light, covered areas to shelter from the summer rain, outdoor spaces to enjoy.

United by their love of the Sunshine State.

The excitement is building!

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